We are excited to announce a new format for this fall season. We will be running a 5v5 “Rage in a Cage” format that will be quicker, faster and high scoring. Teams will have rosters of up to 8 players with 5 on the field at a time including 1OL/1DL 1QB/LB 3WR/CB. There will be › Read more
As we are quickly approaching the 2011 Fall Season I have some updates regarding Rules, Registration and our Captains Meeting. We’ve decided based off of feedback from previous captains to run a 9v9 Format this season with contact blocking. Due to this change though offensive linemen will no longer be eligible receivers. This change will › Read more
We are pleased to announce we have finalized information for our 2011 Fall Season. The Spring Season was fun but everyone knows the Fall League is our pride and joy. We are excited to announce that we will be once again playing at the Bard Cameron Field at The Cecil Sports Complex in Rising Sun, › Read more
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