Fall 2012 Rage in a Cage 5v5 Indoor Football

We are excited to announce a new format for this fall season. We will be running a 5v5 “Rage in a Cage” format that will be quicker, faster and high scoring. Teams will have rosters of up to 8 players with 5 on the field at a time including 1OL/1DL 1QB/LB 3WR/CB. There will be full contact allowed at the line of scrimmage; however there is no downfield blocking. Defenders will be allowed to play press coverage in a 5 yard area. Games will begin Saturday, Oct 15th-Nov 30th at 1pm and will run until about 5pm. Each team will play 2 games a week and pay $50 weekly for refs. Games are split into tw0 15-min halves. The league will be starting very soon so please contact CJ immediately to get your team registered and on the schedule. cecilflagfootball@gmail.com, 443-945-5283.


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