Outlaws Win 2010 Playoff Championship

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We would like to thank all teams who participated in the 2010 Fall Season. Last weekend was the playoff tournament for the league and it was quite an interesting day. The Outlaws fought back during the season to earn a playoff birth in the final week of regular play finishing just 3-7 but came to the playoffs ready to go. It was a cold day out but the games started out hot. Monstars denied Entourage a comeback win with 30 seconds left as Phi Davis lead Entourage in the end zone before time expired. Instead of going for a go ahead tying conversion Entourage attempted to go for 2 and take the win with no time left on the clock. Monstars held tight as the last second QB scramble came up about 2 yards short and sealed their win.

Outlaws came out swinging against 1st place Flyboys in the 2nd game of the day starting hot with a safety. The defensive line of Outlaws was just too much for the Flyboyz offensive line and was causing problems all day. After the Flyboyz best offensive linemen broke his finger and left the game it was safety after safety from there on out. Outlaws defense stepped up to the plate and lead the team to a narrow underdog victory.

The finals match was all set with a rematch from week 10 where Monstars defeated Outlaws 74 to 32 but the Outlaws had another outcome in mind. The Monstars seemed to be lost on defense without co-captain John Hickman and it showed as the Outlaws tore apart their zone down the seams. Jeff White threw a couple deep passes to Aaron Rouselle to bring the Monstars back in the game but the defensive line of the Outlaws answered and shut down their offense in the 2nd half. After taking a 4 touchdown lead early in the 2nd half this game was all but over when Monstars picked off a bad pass and scored to bring it within a 3 score game. Outlaws responded with another long drive and then a safety on defense to seal this game.

We would like to congratulate all the teams who participated in the 2010 Fall Playoffs and hope to see everyone next year. Outlaws played lights out in the playoffs and deserved to win the championship after a very tough season which seemed all but lost 3-4 weeks ago. There will be more information on a possible indoor winter league and a future spring league posted in the next couple weeks so please stay tuned.

2010 Fall Playoff Standings
2nd. Monstars
3rd. Entourage
4th. Flyboyz

2010 Fall Regular Season Standings

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